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A Childrens Garden 
This garden was designed for a young couple with 2 Autistic children. They wanted to get their children to have a better connection with nature and a connection …

Ataraxia Gardens 
Ataraxia Gardens is a name I have given to the gardens around our house - some are ornamental and some are edible. Ataraxia means robust tranquility. …

The Garden of Eat'n - Backyard 
I have a dream of my 1/2 acre yard someday being a beautifully landscaped edible botanical garden. To achieve that I have the motto that if something is …

Fragrant, tasty walk 
When I moved into my house, the backyard was flat and empty with a large wellhead sticking up out of the middle of it, rendering the space pretty useless. …

The Development of the Bell Back 400 Organic Edibles Garden 
We live in a typical North Dallas, Texas suburban sub-division where the houses are large, and the yards are not. But there was a patch of our yard off …

Formally Informal English Garden...a work in progress. 
First, a quick background: I have four years experience working in landscaping and landscape maintenance in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas. …

Riverbend Organic Garden 
Over the past three years, Verdura Culinary Gardens has built nearly 150 raised beds and maintained more than 30 gardens per year. Of all of these, our …

My Tiny Garden Design 
I've been wanting to grow some vegetables for ages, but our garden design is small and covered in concrete and doesn't really lend itself to an edible …

(No Choice) Crazy Container Garden 
A Featured Garden Thanks to our challenging Georgia red clay, we rely on our whiskey barrels and pots around our wrap around deck to satisfy our inner …

My Backyard Patch 
A Featured Garden This is my backyard patch that was a work in progress. When we moved in there was nothing there but grass. We bought some large …

My Garden 
(No photo submitted) My garden is usually 1/3 used for salsa ingredients; maters, many types of peppers, onions, herbs, etc. The other parts are …

Scents from heaven 
Sitting in my get away space for some tranquility and enjoyment from my busy/not so busy life. I enjoy picking flowers and leaves of which to eat, seep, …

Edible flowers beautify the vase or your palate 
On breaks from working in the garden, I'll often pick a few edible flowers and head inside to brew up a cup of tea, or make a salad for a quick lunch. …

Passion Fruit 
Here is a gorgeous passion fruit flower. We bought a small vine 3 years ago and put it near a fence. It grows very quickly, makes beautiful flowers and …

Accidental Pumpkin 
I often grow veggies in between my flowers as I don't have a lot of space. But these pumpkins appeared on their own among the irises. I think the …

Saffron Crocus 
This photo (taken 8th Nov) is of the lovely autumn flowering saffron crocus in my garden. Every year the display multiplies. I harvest the 3 stamen …

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