fruit fly

by Liz
(Melbourne Australia )

I have moved into a fruit fly prone area... I live in S/W Melbourne Australia.

I am not entirely sure of when to start protecting my crops from fruit fly let alone what to use!

Anything which does not include excessive use of chemicals and minimal time (have a young growing family) would be truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance to those who read this and for any advice I might receive. :-)

Liz :-)

Hi, Liz --

Have you actually had any damage to your fruit from fruit flies?

If not, I would wait a season or two to see if your area's natural predators are taking care of the problem before looking at doing anything.

Also, there are many kinds of fruit fly in Australia, and so I'm not sure exactly which one you're referring to.

This is important because different fruit flies respond to different biological measures.

If fruit flies are indeed causing damage to your crops, please send a photo of the fly which is causing problems (email me when you have one), and then we can go from there.

Thanks so much!


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