fruit cracking ..

by Swapnil Ravindr Shelke
(Ahmednager, Maharastra, INDIA)

Pomegranate splitting

Pomegranate splitting

Thnku for Previous Answer....

Swapnil Here,
From Maharastra, INDIA.
I having 10,000 plants of Pomengranates out of them having Mostly fruit cracking Problem. The current situation of all fruits are from 60-150 Grams.
What REASON behind It ?
How to we PREVENT by chemicals ?

Hello, Swapnil -

Cracking in pomegranates is usually caused by a rainstorm after a dry spell. The fruit swells due to the heavy watering and cracks.

There is no chemical way to prevent pomegranate fruit from cracking, and I do not recommend the use of chemicals on food plants.

If you know a rainstorm is coming in your weather forecast you could begin watering your plants a moderate amount before the rainstorm begins.

Normally, established pomegranate plants don't need watering unless your area is in a severe drought. If you are watering, this may also cause splitting if you miss a few days then begin again.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have more questions about pomegranate fruit cracking please ask. If you have a question about something else, please make a new post.

Thanks for writing!


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