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Lisa's Victory Garden 
Our home is on a 40' x 100' lot a stone's throw from NYC. For years, we had the typical postage-sized squares of lawn and a few bushes. An avid gardener, …

Edible gardening is always great, even when renting 
About a year and a half ago my partner and I moved to this little coastal town in Australia called Yamba. We found this great 3 bedroom house in a suburb …

Permaculture Dreams 
My husband and I have a son, four dogs, a cat, 7 free range chickens and a Roo. Our lawn is mostly clover, plantain and dandelion. All of the vegetables …

Formally, Informal English Garden 
Before the design process began we examined many types of traditional designs, including French box gardens, English cottage gardens and Renaissance gardens …

Gardening by the road 
About 4 years ago I almost gave up on having a garden due to the fact that my lot had too much shade. I had only a small area in which to garden but wanted …

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