Fragrant, tasty walk

by Rev Moretti
(Fairfax, VT)

When I moved into my house, the backyard was flat and empty with a large wellhead sticking up out of the middle of it, rendering the space pretty useless.

I covered the wellhead with a round bench and surrounded that with gardens, foraging many of the perennials from friends' gardens.

The rise behind it was a grassy slope until the trees were allowed to spread their arms. I moved stones from an old stone wall to build a trail and make a winding path up the hill toward our raspberry patch and grape arbors and the vegetable garden.

Combining the ornamentals and edibles make the stroll enjoyable for all of the senses. Some of the edibles in these gardens include bee balm, phlox, garlic, apples, echinacea, snap peas, roses, chives, johnny-jump-ups, strawberries and rhubarb. Mint, lemon balm and red clover for tea are picked and brewed right in the sun.

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