Flower Garden Ideas
For Your Edible Landscape

When looking for edible flower garden ideas, think of what sorts of flower gardens really catch your eye. What attracts you?

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  • Dazzling colors?
  • Repeating lines and/or shapes?
  • Unusual or very large flowers?
  • An orderly array?
  • A wild untamed sprawl of flowers?
  • Flowers planted in a place or in a way you've never seen before?

There are as many flower bed designs as there are designers. Everyone has their own unique ideas about what makes the best flower garden.

So don't feel compelled to use other people's flower garden ideas -- make your own combinations by mixing and matching things you like in other people's gardens, ideas from magazines, websites, or botanical gardens. You could even ask your friends and family for ideas.

In this way, you can develop your own ideas to create your unique edible flower garden.

Some flower garden ideas that work in any garden:

  • Plant in groups of odd numbers -- the bigger the plant, the smaller the number. One banana plant is fine, but lay out smaller plants in groups of three, five, seven or nine to give a full effect and prevent a spotty, cluttered feeling.

The only exceptions to this are plants like daylilies which multiply.

  • Mark out a large circle or oval then arrange plants in concentric circles, with larger plants as you go towards the center, one group of tall flowers in the center.
  • In the photo above, a sloping half circle is used. Adding taller plants on the outside of the half circle can give a floral hedge effect.
  • Train an edible flowering vine along a fence or wall, with groups of shorter flowering plants in front of it
  • A white picket fence along the front of your lot would look great with a line of the same flower (either pastel or some brilliant color) marching along the front.

Add a flowering vine for more color!

Flower garden ideas and landscaping photos from visitors like you.

How about a theme garden? Here are some edible flower garden theme ideas:

  • An all white flower garden (or any other color)
  • A walled "secret" garden, like the one in the photo above.
  • A butterfly garden
  • A childrens' garden
  • A cut flower garden, suitable for edible flower arrangements
  • A Japanese flower garden
  • Many flower gardens use a variety of flowers, but you don't have to. How about a garden with just one type of flower, such as garlic flowers, mint flowers, thyme, or nasturtium flowers?
  • If you have a large area, try planting a block of perennials or edible flower bulbs that flower at different times of the year according to the seasons and holidays: red and pink tulips for Valentine's Day, the appropriate colored flowers to bloom in time for your national holiday, bright yellow flowers for mid-summer, fall blooming flowers in autumn tones.

If you add low shrubs or ground covers that have bright fruit or berries in the winter, this gives you color all year around.

  • You could plant your edible flower garden so that a word, symbol or phrase shows up when your flowers are in bloom, great for sports enthusiasts or those who love a special holiday.

Here are some more flower garden ideas:

  • If you have a long straight walkway to your front door, putting one or more lines of flowers along it can be a very effective display
  • Planting a shade flower garden around a tree (in whatever pattern suits you) can brighten up an area that might otherwise not get much use
  • Flowers along the base of your foundation are always appropriate. Place taller plants behind shorter ones so the smaller flowers can be seen.
  • Container gardening is a lovely way to bring more edible flowers into your garden. An impressive urn filled with flowers dresses up any flower bed design.

Or you can do more than one of these! Whether you have a big or small garden, the edible flower garden is one sure way to add color and interest. Have fun with it!

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