Your Edible February Garden

The February garden is different in every area of the world. Some are buried under feet of snow, others are sweltering with no sign of relief from the oppressive heat. Still others are starting to see those first signs that a new season is coming.

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Taken February 13, 2012, Oklahoma (US)

Take some photos and share your February edible yard with us!

The February edible summer and winter gardens that I like best will receive a crown to wear all year long!

Don't forget to leave your email address (there's a place for you to do that after you submit your photos) so I can contact you later on when you win. :)

Entries are given points for:

  • Hardscape (walls, paths, walkways, etc)
  • Overall design
  • Whether the garden complements this house
  • Use of edible trees and shrubs
  • Use of edible perennials
  • Use of edible annuals
  • Curb appeal
  • Photo quality

February Summer Garden

2015: no entries

February Winter Garden

2015: Lynn Sterner, CA (US)

The February contest is over! Please come back next year to share your February gardens.

Want to share your garden? See our Four Season Garden contest!

Or if you don't want to compete, you can share your garden with us here.

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