Eversweet Pomegranate Vs. Angel Red Pomegranate... Which one should I plant

by Ann
(Orange County, California)

I am trying to decide between two varieties of Pomegranates.

I am thinking about growing them in my front yard. I have two areas on either side of the far left and far right corners of my house where they can potentially be planted.

Should I plant one of each variety?... Should I only plant one variety? Is one variety prettier than the other? Is the fruit different enough to have one of each?

Are there any other beautiful and delicious specimen trees you would recommend? Another tree I was considering was a Ruby Red Grapefruit.

I live in Southern California Sunset Zone 22, USDA Zone 10.

Hi, Ann --

I had to look up both these varieties as I wasn't familiar with them.

The flowers are both described as "orange-red", and the fruits are both described as "very sweet". The main difference in them seem to be that the Eversweet has much paler fruit and arils than the Angel Red does.

They are both suitable for your zone, so it really boils down to what colors you prefer for your garden. If you really like both of them, you could certainly get two trees! But you don't need to as all pomegranates are self-pollinating.

As far as other trees for your zone, I really like the Black Mission Fig (if you want a tall tree), and the Meyer Lemon (if you'd rather have a smaller more bush-like tree).

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have other questions.


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