Edible Upgrade

by Katrina Derrico
(Canton, GA (US) )

Front yard

Front yard

Front yard
Strawberry Pots
Bee Friend w/ Chives
Yesterday's 1st Harvest

I'm not certain if our front yard counts yet but it is a work in progress.

We built our home Summer of 2012 on a lot that is a little over under an acre. The builder basic package consisted of approximately 10 plants in the front bed and nothing on the sides and back.

Shortly after contracting with the builder, I had read an article about Rosalind Creasey and the 5 x 20 foot edible bed and was totally impressed. From that point forward I decided that our yard will provide not only food for us but also the wild life as well. As fate had it, once we moved in I found myself rehabbing local wild life (squirrels, chipmunks and deer mice mostly). This taught me quite a bit about edible plants - what we can eat, what they eat etc... I decided that our yard will be edible and bee/butterfly friendly. I began researching edible landscaping and permaculture.

Last year we planted most of the fruit & nut trees, peach, plum, pear, apple, cherry, pecan and walnut. This year we are working on the front and side beds. Approximately 98% of the plants in our yard now are either edible or bee/butterfly friendly. Everything in the beds by the house is perennial and the annuals are located in the 8 x 12 raised veggie garden out back.

In the front we have, spinach and chocolate mint in the flower baskets under the window, chives, oregano, blueberries, Echinacea, rosemary, crabapple and day lilies (which are edible) in the front beds. Strawberry pots by the garage. Apple, pear and serviceberry trees on each of the sides. In the side flower beds we have more blueberries, strawberries, asparagus, artichoke, lavender, bay, oregano, thyme, and watermelon. Lots of flowering plants in between to fill in and attract pollinators.

I just love going out to the yard to pick a fresh salad or herbs for supper, it is just delightful!

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Jun 16, 2014
The Edible Front Yard
by: Jean Maxwell

Stopped by this house yesterday - it was AWESOME. Not only beautiful landscaping look but a great idea to be able to share food with family and friends. Great Job, Katrina!

Jun 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

This house is down the street from us and is the talk of the neighborhood. It is at the end of the street so I know that everyone that goes that way is only doing so to see what cool plant they put in this time. I cannot believe that it looks the way it does - absolutely beautiful! Just this weekend she made a fresh baked blueberry cobbler from berries she picked in her front yard - sooooo yummy! My husband and I are looking to see what we can change in ours =D

Jun 23, 2014
Nice job
by: Clay and Joanie

I like the strawberries the best, I wish we lived closer so I could come by and eat them straight off the plant.

Jun 24, 2014
by: Toni Gattie

I can't wait to get up there and see it. It is so amazing what you have done, and it's all edible! I think everyone should devote at least some space to something like this. Great job Katrina and Mike!

Jul 28, 2014
Filling in nicely and super yummy!
by: Pam

This yard is a perfect example of how to incorporate edibles into the landscape of subdivision homes. Katrina and Mike had us over for dinner this weekend. Everything was from the yard except the chickens. We had roasted potatoes with rosemary, balsamic tomato glazed chicken, green beans, and fresh summer salad with green peppers, cucumbers, grape tomatos and greens. For desert she made berry cobbler with strawberries and blue berries. All from the yard. Afterwards she took us for a tour of the gardens and I couldn't believe all the edibles. Their yard is absolutely beautiful and from the street you would never know it is also a garden - way to go!

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