Easy Edible Landscape:
Add a Beautiful Food Garden to Your Yard
in Just 14 Days

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Like many gardeners, in 1992 I began planting in pots and boxes, with a vision of growing food for my family.

But I wanted it to look better! And I needed to find a way to grow in the front yard as well.

I struggled with how to grow food in my yard without the rows and boxes that most books and courses use. Plus, many of these books had plants I never heard of (or that didn't grow where I lived) but gave me no guidance as to how to find what was right for my yard.

I felt confused and overwhelmed.

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But then something happened ...

Mint around my waterfall and pond

I stood out in my front yard. My husband had put some bushes along the front of the house. They looked familiar, and they smelled good!

I felt curious: what were they? I investigated, and they turned out to be edible (they were rosemary bushes someone had given us)!

When I realized that I could use food plants along with my current landscaping, the way I looked at growing food completely changed.

I became able to provide beautiful, organically-grown food for my family, without having to hide it away! Herbs, leafy greens, and edible flowers filled in the spaces in my landscaping. Grapes and blackberries covered my fences. My yard became more beautiful than ever.

Would you like to know how to do this in your yard?

Introducing the Easy Edible Landscape

Sweet potatoes, bok choi, roses, and arugula (edible!) around red yucca and crape myrtle (not)

A 14 day self-study downloadable course designed to help you enhance your existing landscaping with beautiful food plants you and your neighbors will love, that you can set up in less than an hour a day.

  • use your current irrigation and hardscape - no construction and minimal digging
  • keep the weeds and pests that plague your neighbors' gardens away from yours with easy techniques from nature

Guidance on choosing

  • delicious, easy to care for plants for your zone or location,
  • that fit your dietary needs,
  • in colors, shapes, and textures you love,
  • that make your home and yard look even better

Without rows, boxes, back-breaking labor or heavy equipment (unless that's what you want!)

Using simple methods anyone can learn, I went from a few ugly weed-choked boxes in the backyard to a beautiful front yard edible garden. My children grew up picking crisp snow peas and warm cherry tomatoes from our yard, chemical-free.

Today, I go into my yard for leafy greens, bring them in, wash them, and enjoy the freshest salads possible in less than five minutes - saving time and money.

You can do this too!

Imagine not having to go to the store for produce! It's freeing to no longer be chained to the supermarket.

Think of the time, gas, and money you'll save, and how much healthier you and your family will be as you eat fresh food more often. You could save thousands of dollars over the next few years.

You could learn this on your own, if you'd rather take the time and spend the money on plants, tips, and systems which may not work for your garden, because your garden is unique.

Or you can let me help you find what will work for you.

"I really like your approach ... easy to follow and encouraging ... the course definitely made me make progress and have the courage to even start. So thank you!"

- Sarah R, Los Angeles, CA

What do I get?

Blackberries on the fence at the end of my driveway

Course outline:

1) Look at what you have (days 1-2)

I'll show you how to evaluate your unique space: it's shape, size, soil, location, climate, and weather, as well as the colors and other design features of your home which you might want to bring into your garden.

2) Decide what you want (days 3-5)

You'll choose how you'd like to incorporate food plants into your existing landscaping, depending on how mature your non-edible plants are, the amount of space you have to use, what your yard needs, what foods your family enjoys, the plants which will grow in your area, and more.

3) Start your garden (days 6-14)

You'll choose the best plants and seeds for your garden and start planting!

Once you've learned these basic principles, you'll be able to repeat this process season after season, for years to come.

This is a new product, which means I don't have a bunch of testimonials for it (yet!). But this has:

  • videos
  • audio files
  • pdf ebook
  • a private Facebook page
  • an email series of reminders
  • and whatever else I can think of to help you

You're getting in on the ground floor, and - if you like - becoming involved in giving feedback to help make the course better for future students.

(if there's something you'd like to see, contact me)

If you don't like it, send it back!

An easy edible garden, risk free

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If you are not completely thrilled with and excited about this (as in you just can't stop telling all your friends about it!), get a full refund at any time -- even after you've completed your project.

I mean it. No questions asked.

No hoops to jump through.

No time limits.

No arcane "special conditions".

I will not be angry with you. :)

I want you to be happy with your purchase!

(by the way, I do this with everything I sell, and have never had a single refund request, ever)

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