A Beautiful December Garden

The December garden can be fun and beautiful no matter where you live, because around the world, December has holidays!

This is the time (if you haven't already) to decorate your lovely winter or summer garden and enjoy your hard work.

If your garden isn't that pretty now, here are ways to improve it right away!

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Tidy it up

Blown leaves and trash from storms, fallen branches, and vines extending into the pathways are both unsightly and hazardous to holiday guests.

Taking an hour once a week to clean your yard will immediately make it look better.

Be strategic in your decorating

holiday lights

Bare spots can be filled with a large decoration or even some silk holiday flowers.

Jungle-like summer growth threatening to take over? Run a big red (suitable for outdoors) ribbon around the whole mass and tie a bow!

Stringing holiday lights in your trees (LED ones are quite energy-efficient) will make your yard look festive day or night. Net lights are very easy to drape over trees and bushes and give you an instant light show.

Keep up with your harvesting

Whether it's winter kale and carrots or summer fruit and vegetables, if you can safely get to them, harvest them.

There's nothing sadder than food on the ground gone to waste. Don't let that happen to your December garden.

Enjoy the beauty

rose hips in winter

The sights and sounds of nature in December are some of the most beautiful of the year.

Enjoy your garden this holiday season, no matter how much you might like it to be 'better'.

Next year, get to work

Stuck with a barren lot in December? Planting some evergreen perennials, trees and bushes will help make next December's garden much more appealing.

Install hardscape such as fences, walls, and walkways to add interest, and consider investing in some sturdy four-season garden decor to liven up the yard when the plants are gone.

Keep track of what worked and what didn't. Next year, plant a perennial in that bare spot. Construct some supports for your burgeoning summer plants (or plant different ones) so the overall effect is better.

Here are more ideas for making your December Summer or Winter Gardens their best!

Enter the December garden contest!

Do you have an edible December garden? Share it!

Each December, the home edible garden I like the best will be awarded a crown to wear all year long.

Entries are given points for:

  • Hardscape (walls, paths, walkways, etc)
  • Overall design
  • Whether the garden complements this house
  • Use of edible trees and shrubs
  • Use of edible perennials
  • Use of edible annuals
  • Curb appeal
  • Photo quality

ALL the garden entries for December will also be entered into our Summer and Winter Garden Contests, which will involve prizes!

And everyone who enters into these contests for all four seasons will be eligible for the Four Season Edible Garden Contest.

Will you become Queen (or King) of the Garden? You have to enter to find out!

Don't forget to leave your email address (there's a place for you to do that after you submit your photos) so I can contact you later on when you win. :)

The December contest is open! Please share your garden photos by filling out the form below.

Read more about our Four Season Garden contest!

Or if you don't want to compete, you can share your garden with us here.

Share Your December Garden

Show off your beautiful, edible December gardens!

*Tell us what is growing in your yard
*Show us your photos (up to four)
*Go to the next page to add your email address

I invite you to join the Tasteful Landscape community, a group of people who love beautiful home edible gardens as much as you do!

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