Dark spots on pomegranate

by Abel hoss
(Austin, Texas)

I have a young tree fruting for first time. All the fruits have dark spots on them. What is the problem? Leaves look healthy. Are these fruits ruined or there is hope to save them?

Hi, Abel -

This looks to be a fungal disease, most likely Cercospora fruit spot. It's more common during wet weather.

This year's crop is probably not salvageable. But if you want, you can cut into any fruit that looks ripe to see if anything can be saved - the fungus isn't harmful to humans. It just tastes bad.

To help keep this from happening again, keep a close watch on the plant during wet weather. This is a desert plant and should not be watered once fruit has set. Remove spotted fruit immediately and keep dead leaves or weeds away from the base of the plant.

Some people claim copper fungicides help with this but I wouldn't recommend using them. This condition should improve as the plant matures and is more able to fight off disease.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions about this condition feel free to comment below. If you have a different question, please make a new post.



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Aug 17, 2018
Direct rain vs humidity
by: Able

Thank you for your response. Yes, we had couple of heavy rains this summer, so that could be the issue. Is this because of the direct contact of the water or humidity? So if I cover the tree during the rain would it help to avoid this problem?

Aug 18, 2018

by: Patricia

Hi, Abel -

It's the humidity, plus the tree isn't strong enough to fight off disease well on its own. Covering it won't do much as long as it's very rainy out.

Hope that helps.


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