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  • Offers to "Improve my ranking" or "SEO" will be deleted unread.
  • I no longer accept guest posts.
  • Nurseries and Traditional Landscapers: I haven't had any requests for these databases. Please don't send your information - it will be deleted.  If you want to place an ad click here.
  • I don't have time to review garden books or items - I have a huge backlog of stuff that I will probably never get to already. :(
  • Please do a Google search before asking if a plant is edible.
  • I am not hiring: please do not send your resume.
  • I do not have plants, insects, worms, produce, catalogs or anything else to send you, nor am I interested in buying bulk wholesale. Email about buying or selling ANY physical items will be deleted.

Note: While I'm sure they are wonderful people, I am neither affiliated with nor the Edible Landscaping nursery in Virginia. 

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