Need An Edible Landscape Consultation?
Help Is Here.

Save time and money: get the garden coaching you need.

If you're like me, you want to do your own edible landscaping.

But it can be so confusing!

What plants, where?

Will it look right?

Do I have the right soil?

What will the neighbors think?

Relax. I can help.

My name is Patty Loofbourrow, and I've been working with edible plants -- without using any chemicals -- for over twenty years.

I've created edible gardens in the suburbs since the 1990's, lived in three different climate zones, and have grown enough produce on a regular basis to feed a family of five.

I can help you achieve your edible landscaping goals, whatever they might be.

I love edible landscaping and making yards beautiful -- and I know what you're facing:

  • Nosy neighbors who think growing food means boxes full of weeds
  • Cities -- and sometimes families -- that aren't supportive (or even work against you!)
  • Homeowners' association rules and regulations

If you're like me, you're also busy. You have people to take care of.

But even in spite of these challenges, you're committed to making your yard beautiful AND giving your family clean, healthy food -- because you love them!

And you deserve some help.

You don't have time to spend hours researching every single plant you want to try.

You don't have money to waste on plants that aren't suited to your area and end up dying.

The best thing is that you don't need to!

I've already done the work for you.

What you will get from an online consultation:

  • A complete evaluation of your situation: zone, climate, and current plantings, before the session
  • A brainstorming session to focus your mind on what design elements really matter to you and your family
  • Design suggestions
  • If you've started your design, an honest assessment of what will work -- and what might not
  • The assurance that you're on the right track -- or help to get you there

What will a consultation cost?

One hour consultation by Skype or Instant Messenger*
Ongoing edible garden coaching
$500 per month

* If you are unable to use Skype or Instant Messenger, we can instead communicate by six emails over the course of one month at no extra charge.

To ensure the best possible experience for my clients, I limit consultations to two a month.

Consultation session times will be set according to our mutual schedules. Because I also have a family and other obligations, my schedule for a given month fills up fast, so order as soon as you can if you need help right away.

What does edible garden online coaching entail?

  • Ongoing emails and Skype/IM sessions, as many as you need
  • Everything else you got with a one-hour session!

Best of all, you'll have me along with you the whole way, as often as you need me, for as long as you need it.

No contract, no obligation. Cancel at any time.

To keep the quality of coaching at its best, I limit my coaching clients to 3 at any given time. Order now -- if my coaching roster is full, I'll adjust your payment and schedule you into the waiting list.

One hour consultation by Skype or Instant Messenger*
Ongoing edible garden coaching
$500 per month

Not sure what you need?

Contact me to schedule a free 20 minute phone or Skype session -- get clarity about where you are, what direction you should go, and some quick suggestions on how best to get there. There's no obligation.

Want an in-person consultation?

I will come to your home if it is within 100 miles of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (US). Contact me to set up an appointment.

Note: I am neither a licensed landscape architect nor a certified landscape designer. I am here to help with plant and design advice, but I do not draw up plans for you or install either plants or hardscape. If you specifically need those services, you should check the Edible Landscape Business Showcase for a licensed contractor near you.

Interested in long term support?

If you need long term help with designing, installing, and maintaining your home edible gardens, the Tasteful Yard Design course will be most cost-effective for you.

Step by step instruction taking your yard from where it is now to a polished, productive edible landscaping -- in a supportive group setting.

Click here to learn more.

Whatever you decide, everything I offer has a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. I want you to be happy and successful.

Thanks for your consideration!

Patricia Loofbourrow
Edible Landscape Design

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