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by Dylan Dwyer
(Columbia, MO)

We believe everyone deserves access to quality food, free of chemicals and full of flavor. The easiest way to eat well is to grow the food yourself. Though we all want to eat well, not everyone has the time to plant a garden. We're here to help.

Our installation team will build in days or weeks what could easily turn into a season long project for do-it-yourselfers. Through plant patterns adapted to Missouri, your personalized landscape will be beautiful, easy to maintain, and biodiverse.

If you've never tasted home-grown produce, rethink what a tomato tastes like. Your flowers will be more vibrant and your trees healthier once we surround them with all their natural companions.

Our current food system relies on large scale transportation, mono-crop farming, wasteful packaging, and useless additives. We take responsibility for our health and our community's by eating as close to the source as possible--our backyards.


Care for the Earth

At its center, Edible Landscaping is about giving back to the Earth and helping people learn the balance of its abundance. The Earth has given us life and our power is intensified when we give life to the Earth. When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves; when we eat food filled with nourishment, we are nourished.

Building of Community

Get ready to connect with your neighbors when they see your edible lawn. When the front porch have way to the expansive front yard, neighbors soon forgot the importance of community. By creating beautiful spaces, we invite conversation. We hope that these conversations lead to connection, solutions, and friendship.

Respect for Natural Processes

Growth leads to growth and that's easy to see when your garden takes root and blooms. But everything living must also die. Though we strive for easy-to-care-for native plants, sometimes adverse growing conditions reek havoc on our beloved work. Repeated planting for several years will gradually build the health and resilience of these dynamic ecosystems. Plant health, soil health, and animal health are intimately involved in building fertility and it is expected that the first planting is not the finished product. We grow at Earth Speed.

Access for All

Ideally, we would like to integrate all of our food production into community food lots and tool sharing programs. The privilege of land ownership is shared and all in need of food can follow a map, see who has food growing, and can come harvest in a respectful, responsible manner. We are not islands, we are a community.


We don't expect our clients to know everything about edible plants, it's not something most of us were raised with. But we do see it as our responsibility to educate our clients and our community. With every project, we include a concise, practical information pack on how to care for your new landscape.

Hand Tools Only

Humans have worked without power tools for millennia. With the advent of heavy machinery and battery operated tools, the scale of our living world is out of proportion. Batteries must cross multiple oceans and have hundreds of parts, usually unable to be repaired; they are trashed as hazardous waste. Simple hand tools last for generations, can be sharpened, straightened, subjected to years of abuse, and result in products of much higher quality due to the focus and mastery required of the craftsman.

Edible Landscaping, LLC
Columbia, MO
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