Need More Color In The Garden?

When putting color in the garden, many people worry about choosing colors, color combinations, and whether their edible landscaping will "look right". But most times, if it looks nice to you, others will like it as well.

There are so many ways to create colorful gardens:

Using colorful plants

Quince tree in flower

If you love a certain color, have a particular theme in mind, or love a specific color combination, you can find edible plants with just about every color imaginable in them -- either in the foliage, the stems, the fruit, or the flowers.

Using decor

Agave with white rock mulch

The color you choose for your edgings, pots, mulch, and other garden decor can set the tone for the entire garden.

For example, a small white picket fence edging around a plot sends a different message than that same tiny fence in bright red, or black, or pastel pink.

A simple change in color makes all the difference!

Garden furniture

Brightly colored garden furniture

You can bring color into your yard by the colors in your garden furniture -- both in the color of the furniture itself and by any cushions or bolsters you use on the furniture.


Red brick walkway

While the color of your hardscape (fencing, walkways, driveways, garden walls, and so on) may be more difficult to change than putting a plant in the ground, there are many ways to do so, such as concrete staining, painting fences, and so on.

If you're adding a new bit of hardscape, think about how you can use its color to enhance your garden, the way this brick walkway does.

Your home exterior

Don't forget the color of your house!

Sometimes a coat of paint or a new color of siding can make all the difference in showcasing that garden you've worked so hard to create.

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