Clearwater, FL (US): Grow Permaculture

by Koreen Brennan
(Clearwater, FL)

Wild garden

Wild garden

As sustainable living consultants and designers we can help you save money while increasing your quality of life. We specialize in helping you create edible landscaping, organic gardens, passive heating and cooling retrofits in your home, and rainwater catchment. We guarantee that we will save you more than our consulting fee, if you follow our recommendations.

We offer a full range of consulting services, from an hour of focused advise, to a full design report and drawing. Many of our clients benefit from a one hour to full day consultation that helps them focus on how they should set up an edible garden. “What soil should I use? What plants should I plant and when? What plants will work together? How should I water and feed them?”

We go beyond organic gardening by working with nature, not against her. Our plant recommendations include many highly nutritious and unique plant species that are easy to grow in Florida, need little care, are drought tolerant, and provide abundant food in a short period of time. Though many gardeners struggle to grow food in our hot, humid summers, summertime can be the most productive time of year for us, with delicious greens and vegetables growing through the season with almost no care or upkeep. We will bring unique solutions to your gardening challenges that will make your garden easier to care for, more productive and more attractive.



After a one hour consultation with Koreen, I put in a fantastic vegetable garden using waist high containers over the summer and am hooked on growing my own veggies now. Also I am using the Bokashi method of composting and LOVE it! I then got a grant from our local water and power company to convert my lawn in front to native garden and I’m doing that now! I’m having SOOO much fun with this new game. So, I owe Koreen a big thanks for turning me onto a whole new world. My plant kingdom is truly flourishing! Barb Dakin

We were impressed with the amount of useful information Koreen was able to impart to us in one day of design consulting. We had some ideas and plans for our 5 acre homestead but also a lot of questions. She was able to answer all of them and shared a lot more with us that we did not know was possible or would not have thought of. We love the integrated cob bench design, the detailed plant information, the energy savings ideas, and the water systems suggestions. We are excited about moving forward and can’t wait to try out some of these ideas. Scott and Leslie Brown


We design landscapes to be both beautiful and functional. An edible landscape is:

Organic – we use integrated pest management and other techniques to eliminate toxic chemicals

Natural – we design gardens to work with nature, rather than against her, thereby reducing work while healing the environment

Easy to care for – less work than conventional gardens

Abundant – we use stacking methods and other space saving methods to increase yields in small spaces

Beautiful and interesting – flowers, colors and textures

Healthy - providing nutritious food year around

Economical – skip the fertilizer, and reduce your grocery bill with fresh, healthy food you grow yourself

Environmentally sound – we use water saving planting methods and other environmentally friendly techniques

We can help you determine what to plant, when and how if you prefer to create your garden by yourself but need some help getting started. We use our focused interview process to provide you with quality information that is specific to your needs in a short period of time. Interested in selling your food? We can help with that too.

Small farms

We focus on increasing your yields in unexpected ways; we look for the edge, find ways to stack functions on your farm, we save energy and input costs, and tie it all together. We recommend gradient changes that are financially sound, make sense, and will create resiliency. We guarantee that our recommendations, if implemented, will save you more than our consultant fee.

Grow Permaculture
Clearwater, Florida
Contact: info at

Koreen Brennan, principle designer for Grow Permaculture, has been designing edible landscapes since 2006.

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