Chico, CA (US) - Eve's Garden Design

by Eve Werner
(Chico, CA)

A courtyard lush with edibles

A courtyard lush with edibles

A courtyard lush with edibles
Edibles enhance this formal design

Eve's Garden Design

Eve Werner, Landscape Architect

Registration: CA 3739, NV 445

3 Lynnwood Circle, Chico CA.

T: 530 448 0906


Creating gardens that express my client’s personality and celebrate Butte County’s natural and agricultural heritages.

Please note: This listing is provided as a free service to edible landscaping companies. I do not have information on pricing or other details. To receive this information, please contact the company directly. Thank you!

I specialize in site-specific landscape architecture and garden design combining edible and native plants with artistic accents. My design approach is artistic, intuitive, and practical. I listen for what compels my clients then draw from my professional experience to realize their vision. I offer full service residential and commercial landscape architecture and garden design:
•Conceptual design
•Master planning
•Construction documentation: full plan sets suitable for competitive bidding including planting plans, irrigation plans, site layout plans, grading/drainage plans, specifications, and construction details
•Informal/simplified plans for those who will do construction themselves or who have already selected an installer/contractor.
•Low Impact Development design
•Shade structures, gates, fountains, boulder placement, paving, and children’s play areas
•Repurposing and recycling existing on-site materials and found objects
•Environmental art
•Thematic gardens: sensory gardens, children’s gardens, meditation gardens, butterfly/bird gardens, color gardens and more
•Drainage and slope issues
•Construction observation

Edible plants and the native landscape first captured my heart in my childhood home of Paradise, in Butte County, CA, where my family grew several apple trees and I was allowed to freely explore the surrounding countryside. As a landscape architect, I feel it’s my responsibility to protect and sustain each site’s ecology by using indigenous plants, low impact design methods, and existing and recycled materials. Eve’s Garden Design was founded to promote sustainable gardening.

I bring award winning artistry and twenty years of landscape architecture experience to every project. My design aesthetic favors subtle interplay of texture, movement, structure, color, and seasonal change above reliance on flashy color. A licensed Landscape Architect (CA #3739 and NV #445) since 1992, I received a BA from CSU Chico and a certificate in Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley Extension.

Why Edibles? Food plants flourish here! Butte County is one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. Edible perennial plants bring year-round rewards to the garden. Fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, edible flowers, and fruiting vines delight with spring blossoms, scent, fall color, the element of surprise, and fresh, real food. We all eat; it just makes sense to take advantage of our optimal growing conditions to grow plants that give beauty as well as bounty. Organic home gardening provides the healthiest, earth friendliest path to delicious produce.

Memberships: California Native Plant Society; Butte Environmental Council; Chico Art Center

Certified Master Gardener, Butte County Cooperative Extension

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