Charleston, SC (US) - Charleston Homesteads

Charleston Homesteads began in 2013 with a simple mission: transforming yards into edible paradises.

We are a family-owned and operated business comprised of South Carolina natives.

We help you grow naturally, organically, and without GMO seeds and plants for your family's health. We work within your HOA's rules, and county and municipality's ordinances.

Please note: This listing is provided as a free service to edible landscaping companies. I do not have information on pricing or other details. To receive this information, please contact the company directly -- their contact information appears below. Thank you!

Phone Number: 843-291-1079

Contact Person: Henry Street


E-mail: henry (at) charlestonhomesteads (dot) com

Services we offer:

Consultations, soil evaluations

Locally grown, non-GMO seedlings started using organic practices and certified Organic seeds

Raised Garden Beds

Edible Landscape Design

Edible Forest Gardens



We use organic practices for fertilizers, and pest and weed control.

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Apr 01, 2014
What a fantastic idea!
by: Jamie

I am absolutely thrilled to see that Charleston Homesteads is taking the lead in helping others carve out their own sustainable, edible landscapes. This is a much needed service and one that I have been asked about by friends, family and neighbors.

With sites like yours, Patty, they are an encouragement to novice, as well as beginner gardeners, to just get out there and plant something....anything!

I wish CH prosperity in their pursuit of assisting others in 'eating local' as well as beautifying mother earth!

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