Carbondale, CO (US) - PermaScapes Unlimited

by Scott Levine
(Carbondale, CO)

PermaScapes Unlimited, Inc.
PO Box 1808, Carbondale CO 81623
(970) 510-5663

Serving the Roaring Fork valley and surrounding areas: consultation services for the western slope, full design/build, installation and maintenance services from Silt to Aspen.

Scott Levine, President

PermaScapes specializes in designing, installing and maintaining edible gardens and permacultural enhancements. With a solid background in traditional/decorative landscape installation techniques including hardscape elements such as rock & timber walls, flagstone patios and siloam stone stairs, you can rest assured that your raised beds will be solid and stable for years to come.

PermaScapes specializes in irrigation systems, both installation and maintenance. We can offer a variety of watering methods, from overhead to soil saturation and drip, based on what is most appropriate for your specific application.

PermaScapes can also offer assistance with construction of cold frames, hoop houses, and greenhouses, as well as other seasonal protective structures for shade, hail, etc. We offer design & installation services for a wide range of permacultural enhancements for your property such as edible forests with fruiting trees, fruiting bushes and vines, vegetable & herb gardens, arbors and trellises for climbing plants.

Other services include aquaponic systems, hugelkulture-style berms, hillside terracing, fire mitigation & invasive weed eradication (mechanical). We can of course also help you with any traditional landscape installation services from hardscape elements such as patios, walls, berms and ponds to irrigation and softscape accents including sod, annual beds, perennials, shrubs and trees.

In addition, PermaScapes offers a full suite of landscape maintenance services for vegetable gardens, flowers & perennials, and lawn mowing.

We offer 100% beyond organic, chemical-free fertilization services for edible gardens, lawns, shrubs and trees. Our special aerated compost tea mixture is a biologically activated probiotic liquid applied as a mist to the leaves of plants, trees and the soil. This bacterial & mycorrhizal soup contains billions of beneficial organisms that help protect your plants from diseases and enhance biological activity in your soil. Building healthy soil is the key to a successful garden, so PermaScapes encourages application at least once, and ideally twice, per year.

We can also apply inert (non-activated) tea for a fall/winter probiotic infusion.

Scott Levine, president of PermaScapes Unlimited Inc, has been working as a professional landscaper for over twelve years - since he was 17. Starting as an unskilled laborer, Scott became proficient in traditional installation techniques for hardscape and softscape elements, operating equipment and managing a crew. Scott spent two seasons as an irrigation tech, spending every day repairing sprinkler systems and eventually installing new ones.

After finishing college, Scott became interested in edible gardening and permaculture. He spent a season abroad in New Zealand volunteering on organic farms and beginning his formal education into permacultural philosophy and techniques. Upon returning, Scott worked as a maintenance foreman before accepting a job as a museum groundskeeper.

For the 2012 season, Scott managed the gardens of the Trinidad History Museum, including extensive demonstration gardens and a market garden. Scott oversaw production in the gardens and managed a weekly farmers market stall. The grounds also included extensive xeriscape demonstration gardens which Scott maintained and enhanced with added plantings. Finally, Scott renovated the Museum's orchard of apple, peach, plum and apricot trees.

Concurrently, Scott was also working part-time at Foghino Farm, a non-profit organic farm. Daily responsibilities included feeding pigs and goats and working in the large market garden, and co-managing the farmer's market booth. Scott also spent a fair amount of time irrigating the farm's hay fields and can offer experience in flood-style irrigation.

PermaScapes is now in its second season of operations. While we are striving to develop the niche of edible gardening in the Roaring Fork valley, we supplement our sales by offering a full range of traditional landscape installation, maintenance, and irrigation services. We offer competitive per-zone rates for sprinkler startups and blowouts. Please contact us today to begin manifesting your bliss!

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