Can pomegranates be grown in Ghana?

by Kwasi Amoako Asante

Pomegranate flowers

Pomegranate flowers

I am the ceo of kayslyn Group in Ghana and will like to know if pomegranate can be grown in Ghana and also which of your fruits can also be cultivated in Ghana.

Kayslyn Group is is already in to vegetables and will like to add fruits to it.

please advice.

Regards and hope to here from you soon.


Hi, Kwasi --

Pomegranates are native to Iran, so they would grow well in any dry sunny area of your country. They do not like wet soil or full shade.

There are many varieties of pomegranate, so it might be worth trying a few different ones to see which work well for your area. You can grow pomegranates from seed, cuttings, or plants.

As far as the specific fruits and vegetables that grow best in Ghana, I would recommend you contact your local agricultural office or the nearest agriculture university. They should have these lists for you.

Thanks for writing!


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May 04, 2014
Yes! pomogranates can grow in Ghana
by: MIchael Lamptey

It was about two years ago when i planted the pomogranate but at first i thought it wont grow because my father had told me it won't grow. Nevertheless, i still looked after it for some months hoping to see some flowers grow on it but nothing happened. I took my mind off it for a whole year as it kept growing and growing. I dont actually know what environmental factor or factors supported the growth of the pomogranate.

Now the pomogranate has now grown fruits and has made me extremely happy because i never thought it could even grow. I don't know what type of pomogranate i have planted but the fact it has grown and produced fruits successfully, i believe that any pomogranate can grow in Ghana. Am in Accra and i don't know about the regions.
i hope this answers your question and you can email me on if you have questions.

Thank you, Michael!

I hope that Kwasi will see your message and contact you.

Jun 30, 2015
Pomegranate tree needed in Ghana.
by: Anonymous


Does anyone know where I can find Pomegranate tree in Ghana?

Thank you

Oct 14, 2015
Growing Dates Fruit in Ghana
by: Nana Agyeman

I am interested in fruits from the Middle East and would like to know the possibility of growing the dates fruit in Ghana and how

Sep 29, 2016
I have pomegranate farm here in ghana
by: Anonymous

My name is David yaw Kissiedu ,I have pomegranate farm here in Ghana you can email me for more info or check me from tonaton or olx , 0202609346

Oct 31, 2016
Pomegranates in Ghana
by: Anonymous

I am seriously researching on planing pomegranates in Ghana an would welcome all advises
Dickson Kwaku Damoah

Dec 08, 2016
Pomegranate seedlings
by: Anonymous

Isell pomegranate seedlings , contact David 0202609346

Aug 15, 2017
pomegranate tree
by: Abi

where in Ghana can i grow pomegranate tree

Abi, many people have already commented answering your question plus I also answered this. Read what we have written. Speak to the others here, they have provided their information. Ghana is a good place to grow pomegranates and there are sources available if you would look for them.

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