Can containers and baskets work?

by Christa

Our very curious toddler saw us enjoying our wonderful blackberries in the garden. While I would love for him to eat more fruits and veggies I would feel better if he wasn't just grazing in the back yard.

Are there any container and hanging basket ideas for an edible garden?


Yes! Many edible plants do well in baskets and container gardens, too many for me to list here.

Many edible plant varieties are bred specifically to work in baskets, but any that are sold for container gardens will work in baskets too. What you're looking for are plants with small root systems. Ones that tend to dangle over the side like strawberries do are really pretty also.

Remember that baskets only have a small amount of nutrition in the soil, so every year the soil will need to be replenished. You also need to make sure to water regularly, as the plant's roots can't get to any water on their own. Other than that, most basket gardens are easy to care for.

Note: It's important with small children to teach them that not everything that grows is edible, and only to eat from plants that you have approved. Otherwise you could have problems when visiting people with non-edible (or poison-sprayed!) gardens.

Thanks so much for your question!

Does anyone else have some input on this?

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