Building A Greenhouse?
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Building a greenhouse at all, much less in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, can seem like a daunting task.

"The Greenhouse Of The Future" is a resource which guides you step by step through the process of creating a passive solar greenhouse using passive geothermal energy which is both sturdy and beautiful.

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I have to admit that I've wanted to make a greenhouse for a while, but with the high winds of Oklahoma (otherwise known as Tornado Alley) and the downright ugly appearance of most greenhouse plans I've seen up to now, I have tended to put off this project, as I had never found anything which I felt was really suitable.

I was first approached by Curt Close, the producer and director of The Greenhouse Of The Future, as to whether his video would be something you'd find interest in, and it did sound interesting to me. So I asked for and received a review copy.

I do this because for moral reasons, I don't do reviews on things I haven't actually looked at or used. I find the willingness to give a review copy a good sign, because it means that the company believes in its product.

I was delighted to receive a professionally made, extremely high-quality product, from the cover to the video production to the 250+ pages of ebooks by greenhouse designer Francis Gendron (which you can access on your computer).

All materials are available in English and French.

These materials made it extremely clear as to what to do to create your greenhouse, from the materials, to setting up your building party (you'll need at least 5 people to help, and 20 would probably be better), to the specific tools and equipment you'll need to obtain (a lot of these can be rented for the day or weekend).

I really enjoyed watching the video!

It was inspiring to see the project take form, and even if you have no intention of making your own greenhouse, the video would be worth watching, especially if you enjoy documentaries.

The authors are based in Quebec, Canada, but the material is applicable to building a greenhouse anywhere in the world.

The ebooks provide information as to how to adjust your greenhouse construction to match your latitude and hemisphere, how to build a greenhouse which provides the right amount of space for your needs, how to situate your greenhouse to receive the proper amount of sun that you need, and how to present your planned greenhouse construction to your homeowner's association or city, if their approval is needed, and much more.

The ebooks also contain detailed plans such that anyone could know how to build a greenhouse which would last for decades to come, and the authors encourage modifications and new ideas.

I thought this was an excellent resource for anyone who is thinking of building a greenhouse, and I recommend it without hesitation.

You can learn more about The Greenhouse Of The Future here.

Disclaimer: I will get a commission if you end up buying a copy. You will not pay more for the video if you use the link above, but your purchase will help me keep this website running. Thanks for your support!

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