best vertical gardening shelves

by Deborah
(Alexandria, VA)

I have a long rectangular balcony that is 40 feet long and I want to maximize the growing capacity by stacking 3 levels of shelves along the length of the balcony and use large rectangular containers instead of pots.

Collapsible shelving like the link provided would be ideal for storage purposes...but this one is very small and not particularly attractive.

Do you have a product you can recommend for maximum output?

Hi, Deborah --

Unfortunately, I don't. Balcony gardening is outside the scope of what I know about. But maybe someone else knows the answer!

Anyone have a product to recommend to Deborah?

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Apr 15, 2016
Vertical Gardening Shelves
by: Olga

Hi, Deborah,
you can search on Gardeners Supply's website.
They have great plant stands one is called the Straight Plant Terrace. Very aesthetically pleasing. Also you might be able to use Elevated Raised Beds. The Compact VegTrug might work. Kind of pricey but looks good. Hope that helps a bit.

Happy planting

Nassau, Bahamas

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