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by Arijit Mitra
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

GreenTech Life makes gardening as easy as child's play for busy city dwellers, with limited space at their disposal.

We sell Edible Rooftop (or Backyard) Organic Garden Modules, which require 80% less water, no digging, no weeding and no chemicals to customers anywhere in India. Also how to videos to show every aspect of gardening are offered free of cost to customers.

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Company Name: GreenTech Life

Address: #40, 1st Main, 4th Cross, BEML Layout, Brookefield, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Postal Code - 560066

Phone Number: +91 2854 1266, +91 94835 01361

Business Hours: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Indian Standard Time or GMT + 5:30)

Contact Person: Arijit Mitra

Website URL: or

Email address: arijit.mitra (at) greentechlife (dot) in (with no spaces)

Facebook -

Youtube -

GreenTech Life is a start up and was into research and development for the last 2 years. In June 2011 we started selling our state of the art gardens.

The gardens are designed to be organic. Kitchen Scraps are composted by earthworms directly into the grow beds and deposited to the plant roots by the earthworms themselves. Once set up, the gardener need not purchase fertilizers from outside. Pest occurrence is also very low in these beds as they employ Square Feet Gardening and Companion Planting techniques.

These garden modules are state of the art and can easily be put on concrete rooftops or backyards. It doesn't affect the roof in anyway. The fertility of the grow beds increase over a period of time and are a great way to responsibly manage one's organic waste. A lot of food can be grown in surprisingly small spaces. They are a culmination of the best practices in urban farming practiced all over the world in one easy and simple to use package.

These organic garden modules can be placed on any rooftop or backyard which gets 6-8 hours of sunlight. Customers can choose where to place them and how many modules they want to expand to.

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