Ataraxia Gardens

by Lyn
(Hanover, NH, USA)

Hillside Spring 2013

Hillside Spring 2013

Hillside Spring 2013
Hillside Fall 2013
Mixed raised bed, Fall 2013
Mixed raised bed #2, Fall 2013

Ataraxia Gardens is a name I have given to the gardens around our house - some are ornamental and some are edible. Ataraxia means robust tranquility. You can read more about it on my blog, which I have been working on (

I have been reading about permaculture and the idea of zones in the space around a house. We have spent 10 years settling in and getting the structures in place. We were now able to start seeing the literal fruits of our labors.

I am most happy with our raised beds, which are in our kitchen garden, right next to the house (Zone 1). Most of my efforts this year have been in our Zone 3 space, just beyond our orchard (not in photo). What was once a scrappy, weed-filled and grassy space to manage is now a more useful, terraced space with a raspberry patch and an asparagus patch. There are also lowbush blueberries holding the bank together!

It is always fun to share this adventure with others who are interested.

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