Are the materials used on tubings for drainage and irrigations systems hazardous to health?

by Elizabeth
(Cote d'azur, France)

Hello and greetings,

I live in south of France and I am preparing the drainage and irrigation system of my garden. I have been researching for quite a bit on what type of tube I can use for drainage and irrigation specially when you plan to have an edible garden. I have read how PVC, PVCu, PEX, PET etc leach or even contaminate the soil and water. PEHD which is polyethylene high density is the least evil. This is the main material for all our drip system tubes found in the market. I am not sure, but I think there is nothing better than this as far as drip systems are concerned.

For drainage, everything is made of flexible pvc, pvc u and sometimes you can find PEHD rigid perforated tubes. They are not found in regular stores and not easy to get.

It seems I am alone worrying about tubing material for my garden. I also plan to recuperate water so that's another reason why I am concerned with the type of pipes I should use. I am hoping to make an all natural garden and now here I find myself stuck in this obstacle.

I do know products and culture can differ greatly across the Atlantic but I would still appreciate any thoughts on this.

I am curious to know what edible gardeners do to feel good about their gardens?

Hi, Elizabeth --

Do you have any links to information on this subject?

I have not done any study on this topic, but I wanted to see what information you have and what others think about it.

What do you think?

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