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Angie's List Can Help

Ever want to hire someone to put in a walkway, need to visit a new doctor, or have to call a plumber in a hurry, but don't know who to choose?

When we moved here, I would just pick someone out of the yellow pages or off Google -- until I found a better (and quicker) way.

This website is for sale.

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Angie's List is a membership site of people who have used businesses near you -- and have given feedback about their experiences.

You can find out if a dentist is always running late, or if an electrician shows up smelling of alcohol.

You can also discover a wonderfully creative landscaper that you had never heard of before, a roofer who goes beyond the call of duty, or a mechanic who spends the time to show you why your car had that problem and how to prevent it in the future. It's all there.

I have used Angie's List for several years now and have had a very good experience with it.

Angie's List is really helpful if you:
  • haven't lived in an area long
  • don't know a lot of people in your area
  • haven't used a certain type of business before (garage door spring breaks for the first time!)
  • need to change your health care professional for some reason (insurance changes, etc)
  • or want a larger sample of contractor reviews. We needed to call an electrician. The listings we looked at had 20-60 detailed reviews each. Of course, your listings may differ depending on your area.

Angie's List probably won't work for you if you live very far from a city (although you can call their office to see what sort of coverage they have for your area). Also, they will put you on automatic renewal unless you contact them beforehand to arrange it differently.

I live right near a major city and plan to use their service for a while (I signed up for the five year deal and saved a bunch of money), so it's worked out great for me.

The quality of the reviews on Angie's List (in my view) is a lot higher than those of the free sites. Since we own a home, have kids, and have pets, it's worth it to us to be able to go one place and quickly get a list of companies to work with.

Here's what you see in the reviews (it's a listing for a company I hired):

(I hired this company because they got all A's with a good number of reviews ... they were great!)

There's more:

  • You can get discounts with local businesses through their "Big Deal" program (this is one of my favorite parts!). It's a great way to try a business and save money too -- I got a truckload of mulch delivered this way, which was a win-win all around.
  • They send out a monthly magazine with helpful tips that are fairly specific to your area and time of year. For example, a recent edition after the tornadoes we had here a couple of months ago talked about how not to get scammed by shady contractors offering clean up or construction services.
  • Angie's List offers live help and intervention if a business doesn't live up to their promises. I have never had to use this, but it would come in handy if you were to have a problem with someone.
  • They offer a 110% money-back guarantee if you get the annual subscription and you decide you don't like it within that first year.

Click here to take the Angie's List tour.

Disclosure: I get a small commission if you choose to join Angie's List from clicking on one of these links. This won't change the price you pay but will help me cover the costs of running this site. Thanks!

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