A work in progress - my Irish country garden

by Kathryn

The tidy part!

The tidy part!

The tidy part!
A few too many cabbages...
The overspill (and a few weeds!)
The patio and newly established herb garden

We bit off a little more than we could chew (or dig!) in 2010 in our garden in rural Ireland!

I got a little carried away planting seedlings indoors in February. By the weather was right for planting out in April, we had to quickly dig over an area of the field as my smart "raised beds" were full to capacity!

It was great fun and we are still eating leeks and Brussels sprouts fresh from the garden in December! But next year I hope to have it all a little tidier and easier to maintain.

We also planted a herb garden next to the patio and interplanted with lavender. I am looking forward to seeing it take off this year and it won't be long until I can get started with seedling veg again. This year I will count my plants better though!

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