Strawberry Plants For Sale!

The best place to find strawberry plants for sale is at your local nursery. I've also found them at the farmers' market and at my local food cooperative. But if you want a specific variety, a large quantity, or if you just need the convenience of shopping for strawberry plants online, here are some good places to start your search.

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One nice place you can find strawberries for sale is eBay.

Many small nurseries sell strawberries through eBay, and it's not too difficult to find a retailer near you. Check the seller's history and refund practices before you buy.

Another place I find convenient to shop for strawberry plants is Amazon. Click on one of the photos to see more:

Direct Gardening also sells strawberry plants. Here are some of my favorites:

Strawberry, Fort Laramie

The "Fort Laramie" strawberry is an ever-bearing type with nice large berries all season long and dark green glossy leaves.

This variety is good for hanging baskets, ground cover, and strawberry pots as it produces a lot of runners. It's very hardy and resistant to leaf spot.

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Strawberry, Allstar

"Allstar" strawberries are "June-bearing" (or "December-bearing" in the southern hemisphere) plants that produce a good crop of fruit mid-season, great for freezing, canning, or preserves.

The fruit is nicely shaped and glossy, a good presentation choice.

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Strawberry, Ozark Beauty

The "Ozark Beauty" strawberry is very adaptable, doing well in even very cold climates, and is one of the more popular strawberry plants.

This is an everbearing type, producing two crops, one in the spring and one in the fall. While they are not the most resistant to disease of the strawberry varieties, they bear lots of very sweet and flavorful fruit.

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Here's a strawberry plant you can buy through The Cook's Garden:

Is this gorgeous or what? This very ornamental (but tasty) variety of strawberry is called "Tristan" and was developed in Holland for use in pots.

But of course you can use this one anywhere you would use any other strawberry, except that it doesn't have many runners, so keep that in mind if you want a ground cover.

Here's an interesting strawberry for sale at Burpee:

This is called a "pineberry" -- a white strawberry with pink seeds that tastes like a pineapple.

It would be very nice for an all-white garden or mixed in containers with other strawberry varieties.

Here are some strawberry plants for sale from Suttons Seeds:

If you click one of the photos you will be taken to Suttons Seeds to see even more strawberries.

What's your favorite place with strawberry plants for sale? Have you found a great deal you'd like to share?

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