My Tyred Garden

by Z

Titanic shape tyre and wood garden

Titanic shape tyre and wood garden

Titanic shape tyre and wood garden
Garden As Progressing
Harvest Time
Gigantic Pumpkin

This year I had a strong urge to grow all my own veggies in my own garden since we got our own farm. But I was too late to prepare the soil, it was impossible to plough even with the tractor. It made me want to grow my own garden even more.

So first I found the old wooden pig trough in the barn. It was full of woodworms, so we would have had to destroy it anyway. We had ready compost from the cattle that had lived in the farm before. So I planted a few cucumbers, onions, dill and the trough was filled at no time at all.

Then I thought "Now, where I am going to plant tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and flowers etc.? So I started checking everywhere around the farm for anything that can hold some soil in it. I found more troughs, buckets, big flower pots, baskets etc. I still kept on buying new plants and seeds, I couldn't stop myself.

Then it dawned on me that we have so many tyres round the farm why not try them. Since they don't have the bottoms, I didn't have to worry about drainage, and if the plant had a longer root system it would keep growing towards the soil. Since the tyre sides are curvy they would keep more water on the sides as well, thus the plants wouldn't go dry too fast.

As the old farmer used lots of tyres to cover the silage heaps, there were tons of them here and there, usable and non usable. Gradually I found tractor tyres. Because the tractor tyres are bigger and wider, I could plant pumpkins and courgettes as they needed more space.

I wasn't really sure my garden would do so well. I had so many tomatos from a few plants that the plant literally could not hold them. I had to keep making supports. Pumpkins were so big that my neighbor's said they will also be turning their garden into tractor tyre garden. ;)

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