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The Minnesota landscaping business in our searchable edible landscape businesses international directory is listed below.

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St. Paul

Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes

This showcase page is composed of companies based in Minnesota who came forward indicating that they design, install, or maintain edible landscaping. But it would be impossible for me to personally vet them all.

You can help by leaving a review for any edible landscaping company you've used, whether they are in Minnesota or not. To do this, just go to the company's listing and click on the "comments" link at the bottom to leave your review.

Others will be able to see these comments when they visit that company's listing, which will help them to decide whether to hire the business or not.

If you know of an edible landscape company that should be listed here, please send them to the directory submission page to get their free listing!

No Minnesota company near you?

I'm sorry if the Minnesota landscaping company listed here wasn't near you. Please use the search box below to search the internet for Minnesota edible landscaping businesses in your area.

Just type in the words "edible landscaping", "kitchen garden designer" or "edible landscaper" (without the quotes) and the city or area in Minnesota that you want, then click the search button. This will open another page with results from Google.

Still can't find an edible landscaping business near you? 

Occasionally, a Minnesota company is landscaping with food plants yet isn't advertising it. Contact me with the name of your city and I'll ask around!

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