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I Recommend Gardens Alive!

I have used Gardens Alive! for my online organic garden supplies for over ten years now, so I'm happy to tell you about it.

Gardens Alive! has a wide variety of organic fertilizers and garden equipment for shipping to the continental US. They also have garden accessories, compost activators, organic lawn care supplies and items for use inside the home, such as non-toxic fly traps.

Best of all, they have organic seeds and plants, which are hard to find sometimes!

They have good value for the money, fast shipping, and their stuff really works.

Here are a few of the Gardens Alive! items that I use on a regular basis:

Floating Row Covers

Floating row covers can help protect your plants from frost and keep out insects.

Heavyweight Row Covers

Heavyweight row covers are used for added frost protection.

Weed Barrier Mat - Heavy Weight

This heavyweight weed barrier mat prevents weeds under gravel, rock, or mulch.

"U"-Shaped Pins hold down row covers, barrier mats, shade cloth ... very useful!

Liquid Kelp Spray

Liquid Kelp Spray provides trace nutrients to your plants including iodine and boron.

Sludge-Free Pond Treatment

Have a pond? The Sludge-Free Pond Treatment helps keep your pond clear.

Earth's Answer<sup>™</sup> Microbial Deodorizer
The Earth's Answer Microbial Deodorizer contains safe bacteria which eats odor-causing organic materials. I really like the way this smells.

How best to use the site:

If you subscribe to their newsletter, Gardens Alive! sends additional coupon codes that you'll see at the very bottom of the newsletter. The newsletter is great for letting you know about sales and new items.

They also have a club called the "Stay Organic Garden Club" which gives you an extra 10% off once you join. If you find yourself buying a lot, it's worth it!

Right now they seem to be undergoing either a change in management or a major business upgrade, and they're closing their affiliate program for now. So I may or may not get a commission if you buy something from these links.

But it doesn't matter too much to me as their products are good in any case -- I only recommend products and companies that I trust. In fact, I just recently ordered from them. :)

If you have any questions or comments about this company (good or bad), feel free to contact me.

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