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Eau Claire, WI (US) - Artisans of the Earth

We create custom landscaping solutions for our clients. Whether it's a raised garden you're after or a way to make your edibles beautiful, we can help.

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Spots on my Gynura Procumbens

I started Gynura Procumbens inside until after our last frost (June 1st) when the weather breaks but then I saw these on a couple of leaves two day ago

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January "Summer" Los Osos

I call my garden a summer garden because we do not receive snow and have very little hard frost. I don't think it would be fair to call it a winter garden.

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Our January Winter Fare

With nights below 20 degrees and wind chilling days, it's hard to stay in the garden or put a shovel into the frozen (but imported and amended) soil from

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What to feed a pomegranite shrub. Are they acid or alkaline?

What kind of fertilizer to use on pomegranate shrub. Are they alkaline or acid plants? I have a fifteen year old bush doing well but have never found

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English Lavender | Edible Landscape Design

Learn about English lavender and where you can find it for your edible landscaping.

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A List Of Perennials You Can Eat!

When looking for plants for your edible garden, choose from this list of perennials to get just the right effect year after year.

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Lavender Plants And Varieties

Information about the different varieties and types of lavender plants!

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Find Daylilies For Sale Online

Looking for daylilies for sale online? I've found some places that sell daylilies online to get you started with your edible landscaping.

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Growing Lavender In Edible Landscaping

All about growing lavender in your home edible landscape

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Plant Hardiness Zones Worldwide PDF For You!

USDA, RHS, EGF, Canadian, Australian ... if you're looking online, all the plant hardiness zones can be confusing! Download a one-page pdf that shows how they compare to each other.

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Edible Landscape Design's Top Ten For 2014

Why do a top ten? It's fun, it might give you some ideas, and there are pages (and expansions to pages) that you might not know even exist!

10) The Plant Hardiness Zone Map (And How To Use It In Edible Landscaping)

This was sort of a fun thing I began, just to help out those newbies who weren't sure how to find their hardiness zone ... it's become a whole section in itself! If you love maps, this is the place to visit.

9) Vertical Gardening With Edible Vine Plants!

This is a page I made and sort of forgot about, but it's one I see more and more need for, with so many people living in small spaces (with small yards). Plus, vertical gardening gives a lot of interest to an otherwise dull landscape, especially if your edible plant has colorful foliage, fruit, and/or flowers!

8) Once You Start Growing Pomegranates, You'll Never Look Back!

I get more questions and comments by FAR about growing pomegranates than about any other plant. It's one of my favorite edible plants, so that's great! :)

7) Edible Privacy Hedges

The fact that this page has done so well has been something of a surprise to me. But a LOT of people are interested in making edible privacy hedges, which, when you think about it, makes perfect sense!

6) A List Of Perennials To Get Your Garden Started!

That's pretty much all this is: a list of edible perennials. But you love it, and I keep adding to it, so it's all good!

5) Grow Edible Garden Hedges!

More hedges! There's so much to say about hedges and edible hedge plants!

4) Our front page

Now, I find this interesting. On most websites, the front page is the most visited! Our front page being #4 just shows how much people really want to know about particular subjects in edible landscaping.

For example ...

3) Can You Grow Edible Shade Gardens?

Every time I update this page I have a rush of people visiting my site -- once I had 500 people visit this page in one day!

2) Many Cacti And Succulents Are Edible!

Between drought and climate weirdness, people are looking for plants which are tough and drought-resistant. This is the obvious choice!

1) Your Herb Garden Design Can Be As Unique As You Are ...

This page has been #1 for four years straight!

This past year I expanded it into a "herb garden section", so if you haven't visited it in a while you should stop by and read about things from how to design your garden to culinary herbs to how to plan your herb garden layout -- and more.

The top ten pages that you visited in 2014 tell me a lot about where I need to focus my time for 2015!

(Of course, if you have a burning desire to read more about something else, just contact me and let me know!)

Tomato: Fruit Or Vegetable?

The tomato: fruit or vegetable? See my answer (and more importantly), find out (and discuss) why!

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Garden In January: Edible Landscapes From Around The World

Share your edible garden in January and see edible January gardens from all over the world.

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Red Chard Varieties For Your Edible Gardens | Edible Landscape Design

Who says you can't have color in an edible garden? See these gorgeous red chard varieties that will spice up your edible landscaping.

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A Little Garden Humor To Lighten Your Day

Edible landscaping, funny? Well, sometimes. Here's a bit of garden humor for you.

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My goals for the new year (and beyond)

I love stats, okay?

So I was really excited to look at mine yesterday.

This website has undergone a lot of changes since the beginning of 2014! More than double the people came to the site during 2014 compared to 2013 -- over 220,000 in 12 months! That tells me that a LOT of people are HUNGRY to learn more about edible landscaping.

Which is exciting!

I have done a lot of thinking about what I want from this website lately, and my goal is to make edible landscaping commonplace. Not some niche, but the norm! By the end of 2018, I want MILLIONS of homes to be beautifully food-secure, not only feeding stomachs and bodies with rows of produce but also feeding hearts and souls with lovely gardens.

Our world has so much talent and creativity out there -- people just need others to show the way. They need a friend, like you, to give them the courage to try.

So can you do me a favor? Go on Facebook, or Google+, or Twitter, or to your sports club, or to your religious community, or wherever your people are, and tell them about my website. Tell them about what you're doing with your yard and share your passion with them as to why.

We can change the world, one yard at a time. :)

The Ten By Ten Program: Recreate That Garden Photo In Your Yard!

Let me be your garden design hacker! I will re-create any garden photo with edible plants, in your yard! I call it the "Ten By Ten" Program.

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The Edible Flowers List

Here's THE edible flowers list for your garden! Choose from this list for edible flower arrangements, candied flowers, and edible flower recipes.

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Design A Herb Garden -- Yourself!

If you've ever wondered how to design a herb garden, this page is for you! Tips, where to start, and when to get help.

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Llangwm Ucha, Usk, Monmouthshire (UK): The Kitchen Garden through the year (course)

This intensive, organic vegetable growing course takes place at Allt-y-bela over eight days between February and September 2015. Led by James Clapp, the course is designed for experienced or professional gardeners and aims to bring James' grower skills and design techniques to fine tune your kitchen garden and to challenge conventional assumptions. We will look in depth at the most fundamental aspect of Organic horticulture, the relationship between soil, plant and human health. As the year progresses, you'll see the results of the initial planning, and soil preparation, early propagation, crop choices and methods of planting out at Allt-y-bela, but we'll also have one day, visiting two other gardens, so we can take on board the experiences of other sites.

The course costs £1,560 in total, which includes a tasty wholesome lunch and coffee, tea and cakes. The days run from 9.45 until 4pm. All course days, except for Day 6 are held at Allt-y-bela. On Day 6 we will arrange to meet everyone at the first venue and will suggest near by accommodation for those wishing to travel the night before.

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SBI Results: How To Build A Website That Works For You

I created my own profitable, award-winning website. Learn how you can get your SBI results just like I did. On sale now until Dec. 26th!

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Growing Squash In Your Edible Landscaping

Growing squash is a fun way to add edible flowers and colorful fruits to your garden. Learn how to grow squash in your edible landscaping here.

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Tips On Growing Spinach In Your Edible Landscaping

Could someone start growing spinach in their edible landscaping? YES! I give you ideas on how to use spinach in your yard design, how to handle bolting, and more.

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fruit fly

I have moved into a fruit fly prone area... I live in S/W Melbourne Australia. I am not entirely sure of when to start protecting my crops from fruit

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Donate To Edible-Landscape-Design. com

If this site has helped you and you want to return the favor, here is a way to donate to

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San Jose, CA - The Blooming Gardener

Design and consulting for edible landscapes in Silicon Valley. All organic, year round, any size gardens smallest to any size you need. Pet Gardens

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The Pomegranate Plant: Your Questions

Have questions about pomegranates or about your pomegranate plant? See the questions others have had and add your own.

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The Lavender Plant -- Handy Facts | Edible Landscape Design

Want to grow a lavender plant, but not sure if it would be right for your edible garden? Here is some information to help you decide.

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Edible Vine Plants: Vining Plants With Fruit, Foliage, And Flowers To Eat

Need some vines to cover fences, trellises, and walls? Learn about the variety of edible vine plants for your home edible landscaping.

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The Perfect Garden Picture: An Interview With Christophe Landry

Want to know how to take a great garden picture? What you need to learn from that camera manual? Where to get help? Read tips from Christophe Landry on how best to begin.

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Asheville NC - Edible Yard & Garden

EYG Landscapes (aka Edible Yard & Garden) designs and installs low-maintenance edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting systems. We incorporate fruit

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Naples, Fl (US) - Florida Edible Landscaping

At Florida Edible Landscaping, we specialize in sustainable landscape designs that are as unique as our clients. Applying concepts of ecology, we combine

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Your Herb Garden Layout: Planning To Plant | Edible Landscape Design

Make drawing your herb garden layout easy with these helpful tips and tools.

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Beautiful Herb Garden Pictures

Gorgeous herb garden pictures to give you ideas for your edible landscaping. You can share your photos as well!

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Herb Garden Design: Create Your Perfect Herb Garden

Herb garden design for your home edible landscaping.

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Herb Garden Ideas | Edible Landscape Design

Herb garden ideas to get you started on your edible landscaping.

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Growing An Herb Garden: The Basics | Edible Landscape Design

Want to get started growing an herb garden? Here are some tips that will help.

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Grow A Herbs De Provence Garden

Love herbs de Provence? Get tips on designing a garden where you can grow your own fresh, delicious French herb blend.

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Growing Your Herb Knot Garden

Want to make a herb knot garden? Here's how to do it, step by step.

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Elsternwick, VIC (AU): National Trust Garden Festival

Over 30 events, vendors, and exhibits at Rippon Lea House & Gardens.

"From garden tours to swing dances to opera, we have something for everyone this spring. You can also hear from experts like Jane Edmanson about propagating, Max Allen on a cider master class, Richard Aitken on the gardens of Portugal and an edible garden tour with chef Ben Shewry to name a few."

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Starting A Garden: Begin Edible Landscaping Safely And Successfully

Be safe! Starting a garden with edible landscaping doesn't have to be difficult, but there are some things you might want to consider before you start digging ...

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The Tasteful Yard Design Program

Overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on edible landscaping? Let me show you where to begin. Personalized step by step instruction in a supportive online group setting.

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Make Your Own Compost And Have Fun Doing It

Learning to make your own compost can be satisfying and rewarding. Here you will learn what to compost and what not to.

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Growing Kale In Edible Landscaping

All about growing kale in your edible landscaping -- ways to use kale to beautify your yard.

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Photo Contests Sponsors:

This page is to thank our photo contests sponsors -- click here to read about their generosity, visit their sites and thank them for their contributions.

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Edible Front Yard Gardens!

Click here to see some gorgeous edible front yard gardens submitted by my readers. Get inspiration for what you can do with your front yard.

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Edible Landscaping Consultation And Garden Coaching

Need help? Get an edible landscaping consultation, edible garden coaching, and more.

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Edible Landscape Design: How Is Landscaping With Edible Plants Different?

How is edible landscape design different from other landscaping methods? Here are a few things to think about ...

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