Home food gardener:
Is your yard doing what you need it to do?

Have you ever wondered

  • why you don't like being in your yard?
  • why your family doesn't use your yard?
  • why your kids whine about having to go in your yard, because there's "nothing for them to do"?
  • why children, neighbors, and delivery men track across your lawn?
  • why it just doesn't seem right to entertain in your yard?

Guess what ...?

These are design problems.

Just growing food plants in your yard, no matter how pretty you make it, won't fix a design problem.

You need a new design.

The good news is:

You can create a new one!

Yes, you.

You don't need a landscape design degree or a license to design your own yard.

You can do it!

Let me guide you there.

My name is Patty Loofbourrow. Like many homeowners, I wanted to grow food in my yard, and I wanted it to look nice as well. I wanted to be able to entertain, and to make it a place my family would enjoy.

The struggle came when I tried to find information on doing that which I could use. Sure, there's lots of gardening information out there, but I had trouble knowing how to use it in my situation.

When I realized what I needed was to find information on landscaping.

There is a big difference!

This realization led to my second struggle - most of the landscaping information out there is for professionals!

But, as it turns out, my superpower is turning technical information into something the average person can use.

When I began to learn these principles and think about what was really important for someone at home, the way I looked at edible landscaping changed ... and that led to changes in what I did.

My yard

  • looked better,
  • became easier to manage, and
  • my family is starting to use it!

Very little has existed out there for the homeowner who wants to create their own landscaping - traditional or otherwise - until now.

I invite you to join me in The Tasteful Yard Design program:

Helping homeowners like you create your dream with confidence.

Go from inedible landscaping that isn't working to a beautiful, tasteful yard that's right for your family

I've put everything I know about creating edible landscaping into this program - this is the entire process on how to go from the desire to install new landscaping to a finished, tasteful yard.

The course is a set of 12 modules, each one a series of easy to understand activities - lessons, worksheets, videos, resources, and projects

Actual screenshot from Module 2

Discover what you need to know about:

  • design
  • plants
  • colors
  • textures
  • accessories
  • neighborhood and city issues
  • drafting your design
  • plant sourcing
  • working with contractors
  • installation and maintenance

Whether you're a total garden beginner or a master gardener

This edible garden in Oklahoma was created by a retired veteran and his wife. You can do this too!

I want to join!

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Course outline

Module 1: Clarity

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What is my vision for my yard?

When you have a clear vision for your yard, the rest of the planning process becomes much easier.

My front porch!

Module 2: Your Property

In Module 2, you'll go outside! You'll have fun examining your home exterior and yard -- its

  • colors,
  • shapes,
  • lines,
  • textures,
  • size,
  • sun,
  • shade,
  • soil, and
  • condition

 - while you get a crash course in basic landscape design.

In Module 2 you'll create a complete map of your yard, which becomes the basis of your design plans.

Module 3: You, Your Family, Your Environment

In Module 3, you'll examine:

  • your personal skill set and limitations,
  • your unique climate and location issues,
  • your family's needs and wants, and
  • your neighborhood, city, and community's written and unwritten rules for home landscaping

Your situation is unique. Your yard is unique. In Module 3, you'll hunt down the clues you need to create a landscape which will best fit your area. Not mine, or anyone else's.

Module 4: Direction

In Module 4, you'll take the information you've gathered and begin creating attainable high-level goals for your yard's edible landscaping

You'll know

  • your end result,
  • what you will do,
  • how long it will take,

and create your own realistic step-by-step plan to get there.

Module 5: Theme

In Module 5, you'll consider possible themes for your yard.

A garden theme helps unify your yard, and can bring very different garden elements - the ones uniquely you - together in a way which makes sense.

Themes make the difference between a yard which looks chaotic and one which looks serene and organized.

Module 6: Color

In Module 6, you'll decide what colors to have in your yard and where.

By examining your

  • home,
  • surroundings,
  • theme, and
  • personal preferences,

you'll narrow down the colors for your

  • plants,
  • hardscape (walkways, walls, fences, etc), and
  • garden decor.
Color makes a difference

Module 7: Use

In Module 7, you'll make your yard more livable (and more useful to you and your family) through the use of outdoor rooms - special areas of your yard used for specific reasons.

Module 8: Synthesis

In Module 8, you create a unified design that works no matter where you view your landscaping, bringing

  • architectural,
  • color, and
  • theme selections from one area of your property to another.

You'll be able to ensure that your edible yard will look good from every angle.

Module 9: Drafting


  • the tools you've created,
  • the projects you've worked through, and
  • the information you've learned,

in Module 9 you'll draw your design in a way that you can either

  • begin work yourself, or be able to
  • hire a contractor to do some or all of the work for you.

Module 10: Finalizing your design

In Module 10, you'll fill in

  • the final size and colors of your plants as they change through the year,
  • the final colors and materials of your hardscape (walkways, walls, fences, etc.)
  • the size and colors of your garden decor, and
  • how you'll irrigate your plants.

You'll know your new edible yard will look good all year long.

Module 11: Plant selection

In Module 11, you'll select the specific

  • trees,
  • perennials, and
  • annual plants suitable to your soil, climate conditions, and design considerations.

You'll also decide how many plants of each kind to use for your family's food needs.

Module 12: Construction

Working your plan

In Module 12, you'll

  • prioritize your installation,
  • receive guidance on how to work with contractors,
  • suggestions as to where to get local help, and
  • strategies on finding where to source the plants you need.

You will know what to do (and when!)

I want to join!

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This edible yard was created by a couple in southern California. You can do this too!

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What else is included in the Premium option?

  • unlimited edible garden design coaching (currently priced at $500/month) -- this includes personal sessions with me via Skype, email, phone, IM ... whatever works for you
  • personal recommendations and design advice for your yard
  • a personalized plant list for your climate, location, and soil (currently priced at $120) - you'll get this during Module 11

All purchasers will be invited to my exclusive Buyer's Club.

I want to join!

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You're fully covered by my "Can't Stop Talking About It" guarantee:

If you are not completely thrilled with and excited about the program (as in you just can't stop telling all your friends about it!), get a full refund at any time -- even after you've completed your project.

I mean it. No questions asked.

No hoops to jump through.

No time limits.

No arcane "special conditions".

I will not be angry with you. :)

If you find you just don't want to put in edible landscaping anymore, or you move to a high-rise apartment, it's okay. There is no deadline. Just contact me for a refund.

(I've never had anyone ask for a refund on any of my products. Ever.)

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Get the satisfaction of creating it yourself.

Just imagine: a year from now you and your loved ones could be looking out over your gorgeous, tasteful yard ... that you created yourself.

With special areas you designed to get the most from your yard, you will have increased your home's value and appeal.

You'll be saving money on groceries every month while eating fresh organic produce right from your yard -- a beautiful and delicious investment.


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12 modules, including all Audio and Video, with PDF Transcripts (each module $99 value)

12 modules, including all Audio and Video, with PDF Transcripts (each module $99 value)

12 modules, including all Audio and Video, with PDF Transcripts (each module $99 value)

Technical support only

Group experience with interactive lessons, in-group support, and forum

Group experience with interactive lessons, full email and phone support, monthly live chat sessions and forum



Personal review of your design process, start to finish



One on one garden design coaching (currently priced at $500/ month)



Personalized plant recommendations for your yard (currently priced at $120)

12 modules @ $99: $1188

$249 US
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12 modules plus interactive course and group forum: $1499

$499 US

12 modules, interactive course, group forum, personal review, garden coaching, personalized recommendations: $3000+

$999 US

Limited to 8 students -

7 spots available

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