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The primary focus of Yards of Plenty is creating landscapes that fit into the environment. I create gardens that have a native edible forest. The height of the garden is managed with the species selected.

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My mission is to provide a Landscape Design that will give you yards of precious edibles, by creating your space to be organically nutrient rich. Your yard will be inviting and you can pluck random edibles along your stroll. You will spend little time maintaining and spend lots of time socializing in your yard. You will feel peaceful.

Edible Landscape Design

We provide a personalized service where we will spend time to evaluate the area you wish to create a space where you will receive food and beauty, based upon the specifics of the soil, sun, shade and wind.

Vegetable Garden Watering

Our Garden watering service is set up to provide you with proper vegetable watering. We only water when needed. Our intention is for you to have happy, healthy crops. Pricing is based on size of the area.

Address: Berkeley Heights, NJ

Phone Number: 908-337-0264

Contact Person: Lori Meier


Email address:

Services you offer: landscape design and consulting, garden watering

New business started in fall of 2011

100% organic.

Certified Permaculture Landscape Designer

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