Ants and Pomegranates

by Francine
(South Africa )

Hi I live in South Africa and the ants love the pomegranate tree ! Any suggestion how to keep the ants away naturally from the fruit and tree .

Hi, Francine -

I don't think ants hurt the tree. If you don't like the ants being there you can wear gloves while picking the fruit.

Thyme attracts ants, so planting thyme nearby may send the ants over to the thyme and away from your pomegranate.

Hope you found that useful.

Does anyone else have other ideas? In the US I use dry grits as a non-toxic ant killer, but I don't know if that is sold in SA.

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Oct 23, 2017
Sticky barriers for ant control
by: Kate Russell

Sticky barriers can stop ants completely.

Since ants often carry diseases, or help aphids and other disease carrying pests, halting them can keep your plants a lot healthier.

You can make your own sticky barrier by wrapping a 3-inch wide band of tape around the trunk, sticky side out. If the bark is especially rough or uneven, cotton batting can be placed between the tape and the trunk, but you will have to make sure the tape is snug. Then, apply sticky barrier to the tape. Here, in the U.S., I use Tanglefoot. You can also use petroleum jelly and that sort of thing.

It's a good idea to put the barrier up high enough so that it won't be compromised with leaves and other plant debris.

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