Edible Landscaping:
Design A Yard That Feeds You

Invest in a tasteful yard -- create your own edible landscaping

Many people spend time, money and energy working on their yards -- only to get grass clippings and water bills in return.

But there's a better way!

Instead, create a beautiful, well-manicured yard that gives you high quality organically-grown food, turning your property into a beautiful, food-secure home.

Food gardens don't have to be ugly!

Whether you have been gardening for decades or are a complete beginner, you can create lovely, polished landscaping using food plants -- even in the front yard.

Learn how to design your own edible landscape ...

  • use your favorite herbs, fruits and vegetables ... nothing tastes better than fresh from your own yard ...
  • create healthy, chemical-free yards for your children and grandchildren to play in -- while they learn where real food comes from ...
  • design a sustainable, productive, gorgeous ecosystem ...
  • show your neighborhood, family, and friends how beautiful and elegant a food garden can be ...
  • craft a truly tasteful landscape that you can be proud to entertain in year round.

Featured Garden

Submitted by Toni from Alameda, CA (US)

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Already have an edible garden? Show us!

Get the help you need ...

... local businesses that specialize in designing, installing and/or maintaining home edible gardens ...

... advice and support for your questions and concerns ...

... a community of edible landscape artists, who love creating beautiful food gardens as much as you do.

Here you'll find:

  • ideas for landscaping with edible plants ...
  • plants that love shade ...
  • ... and how to keep your edible front yard landscaping neat and tidy (it's easier than you think!)

If you like, you can follow my journal (opens a new browser) as I convert my own yard from bland and boring to deliciously eatable.

Do you like it here? Let's keep in touch!

join the Tasteful Landscape community, a group for those actively landscaping with edible plants, worldwide. I share news, resources, and your input.

Learn more about this community and about my other newsletters

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Edible Flowers

Learn about edible flowers!

Your Edible Landscaping

Show us your edible garden

Your comments ...

Thank you for a website with lots of great information, tips and inspiration! My own little project will develop in a better direction from now on! Harald

... one of the most attractive and useful garden related sites I know of ...  Charles Tutt

I enjoyed your pages because they had REAL information ... and in-depth info. Not the usual surface stuff which leaves you with so many questions still unanswered. Great job! Amy Crawford

Thanks for your work. I believe people like you will be instrumental in helping environmentally conscious people survive into the future. Keli

What I'm most excited about is finding a community of creative and like-minded people who think that vegetables are BEAUTIFUL works of nature's art and deserve to be on display in their full glory!  Lisa Kiefert-Inzerillo

I have been brought up with the consciousness of using resources wisely and am happy to see you are doing such a great job at it!  Irene

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